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Selected Performances
Erasers and Snails and a Couple of Towels, 8 mm color film. Camera: Claes Oldenburg. Los Angeles. 1969
The Great Ice Cream Robbery, double screen 16 mm film starring Claes Oldenburg and introducing Hannah Wilke. Directed by James Scott. Arts Council of Great Britain. 1970
Hannah Wilke: Super-t-Art, performance at the Kitchen, New York, for  "Soup and Tart" staged by Jean Dupuy. 1974
Gestures, black & white videotape. 30 minutes. 1974
Intercourse with..., wall text, book and audiotape of answering machine messages, 1973-75.
Hello Boys, black & white videotape. 10 minutes. 1975
S.O.S. Performance, Galerie Gerald Piltzer, Paris. 1975
White Sheets and Quiet Dots, participation performances with Lil Picard at the Max Hutchinson Gallery with Hannah Wilke as Venus. 1975
Invasion Performance, Lynda Benglis opening, Paula Cooper Gallery, New York, 1975.
C'est La Vie Rrose, Hannah Wilke starring as herself in feature film for German television. 1976
Philly, black & white videotape documenting performance Hannah Wilke Through the Large Glass at the Philadelpia Museum of Art and the filming of  C'est La Vie Rrose. 1976
Hannah Wilke Through the Large Glass, 16 mm color film of performance behind Marcel Duchamp's "Large Glass" at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 1976
I'd Be Rich As Rockefeller--My Count-ry Tis of Thee, singing performance at the Whitney Museum. New York. 1976
My Count-ry tis of Thee, performance for Four for the Fourth, Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY, 1976
Intercourse with... , b & w videotape of performance at the London Art Museum and Library, London, Ontario. 30 minutes. 1977
The Last Tapes of  Marcel Duchamp, performance in videotape by John Sanborn. 1977
Give: Hannah Wilke Can -- A Living Sculpture needs to Make a Living, benefit performance for the Public Art Fund for City Walls, New York. 1978
Sex and Language, live performance at the Fifth International Congress of Psychoanalysis, Movimento Freudiano Internazionale, Plaza Hotel, NYC, 1981.
So Help Me Hannahphotographs  from P.S. 1 performance, 1979, and  audio-videotapes of live performances, 1979, 1982, and 1985.
The Intra Venus Tapes, 16 videotapes of Hannah Wilke with family and friends during the last years of her life. 1999-2003.
For information about Hannah Wilke performance tapes in the
Hannah Wilke Collection & Archive, Los Angeles, contact:
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New York, NY 10011
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